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Sloan Sheridan-Williams is currently known for her work as one of the leading  “diagnostitians in the complementary therapy world” She is often commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling problems that have yet to be solved by others. She achieves this by bringing together a wealth of experience from over a decade of practice. Sloan is unique in the fact that she has trained in so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and Globally.

Sloan is a: Life Coach, Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Relationship Expert, Personality Typologist, Truth Detection Consultant, Meridian Psychologist, Sports Performance Coach, Wellness Consultant

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  • Whether you are single, separated or divorced and looking for love or you have someone in your life that takes something from you rather than adds to your life and you need to walk away, Sloan has the answer. Click below for a no nonsense approach to getting your life on track. Sloan has the solution for you no matter where you are in life. In just 6 weeks you can create a change that works for you.

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  • Culinary empowerment is not a diet, it is the art of using cooking and/or entertaining combined with a deeper understanding of psychology to satisfy your needs for comfort, variety, connection and significance one meal at a time. A fun way to increasing your confidence, energy and passion for life. Look no further than the Sloan SECRET program just specify #culinaryempowerment.

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  • Your attitude towards money could be holding you back from being financially free. This program is more than the law of attraction, it gives you practical tips from how to double your clients/customers to starting a new career plus strategies on banishing your debts, earning a 6 figure income. If you have to compromise on doing what you want because of money then click below to live the dream!

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  • Whether you have had a series of knocks to your confidence, been bodyshamed or bullied at school, work or home or perhaps you need to do a presentation at work or give a wedding speech, whatever you reason for wanting to increase your confidence, Sloan has a solution for you. Her Boost Your Confidence Program will get you on the right track from your very first session. From just the first session you will see guaranteed change.

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  • We all go through periods in life where we feel held back - anger, hurt, grief, anxiety, depression, frustration, jealousy, denial, embarrassment, humiliation or overwhelmed, these feelings are natural. Once you recognise them you can use them as action signals to change. If you are ready to raise your standards, flip any negativity to a positive emotion and find your purpose with results from your very first session then this is the program for you.

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  • Whether you wish to achieve weight loss or bulk up we have the program for you. The Lose a Stone With Sloan program or the Feeling Fit & Fab, allows you in just 6 weeks to see major transformations towards your goal. Results often seen in half the time depending on what path you take. This program helps release negative emotions allowing the weight to drop off or you to have the motivation to tone up giving you the body and energy you desire.

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Who Has Sloan Worked With?

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has worked with rockstars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients include Hollywood actors, professional athletes, reality TV stars and those committed to only accepting the extraordinary out of life. She also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever, BMW, eHarmony and to name a few.

She is a respected relationship expert. She has appeared in the UK and international media over 150 times in print, on air and online. Sloan is also a charismatic media personality, radio host and trained presenter.

In 2014, she founded SLOAN! Magazine – the luxury lifestyle magazine for Londoners – bringing option and possibilities to its discerning readers. Sloan has interviewed several high profile celebrities for the cover of the magazine including Noah Huntley, Kyran Bracken, Katie Piper, Caprice Bourret, Gethin Jones, Jessica Wright, Ollie Locke, Zoe Birkett and Ashley Roberts to name but a few.

Sloan has also presented her own radio show on the diverse and award-winning Colourful Radio voted London’s best Urban Music station. Guests on the show have included actors, filmmakers, singers, experts and entrepreneurs with the likes of Wil Johnson, Indra Ove, Zoe Birkett, Richard Hadfield, Hamish Clarke, Chantal Coady OBE and James Constantinou appearing on the show. She is currently launching her own radio station to complement the magazine.

Sloan is able to provide expert commentary and insight on a wide range of topics thanks to her unrivalled training in a variety of different disciplines having studied at some of the UK’s most prestigious institutes including Oxford University and University College London. In addition to this, she has over 15 years of experience achieving extraordinary long-lasting results for her clients.

Known as one of the leading “diagnostitians in the complementary therapy world”, Sloan is often commended for achieving the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling problems that have yet to be solved by others.

Sloan Gets Results

  • From A to Z

    No issue too big or small. If it's causing you pain, it's time to make the cut and move forward to a brighter future.

  • Global Results

    Based in London, Sloan works throughout in the UK, Europe, the USA, and UAE. She gets results wherever you live or work.

  • Media Personality

    Sloan has been translated into over 15 languages and has appeared over 150 times in print, online, on air from UK media to Fox News USA.


  • Sloan's clients include rock stars to royalty & politicos to CEOs. Her VIP clients include award-winning actors, professional athletes, reality TV stars and anyone who is committed to detoxing that which holds them back.

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  • For those who are time poor, want to start right now or do not live in London, Sloan's online programs have the answer for you. Use alone or combine with one to one coaching for outstanding results.

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  • Sloan is not only a celebrity life coach and international speaker, but also a media personality and experienced radio host having presented her own radio show. She is also a trained TV presenter and broadcaster.

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What My Clients Say

  • After years of constant struggle with my mother belittling me and exerting control over my relationships, working with Sloan has given me the courage and skills to be assertive whilst still . We now have a healthy relationship which I never would have thought possible before. I'm also happily loved up having used Sloan's dating and flirting tips without the interference of my mother.

    Georgia from London
  • My journey leaving my marriage was not an easy one from threats of violence to emotional blackmail. I was a wreck when I first met Sloan. She is compassionate yet also got me fired up and ready to fight for what I was entitled to in my divorce. Her legal background was invaluable as was her strength. I am now in a loving relationship and have found peace with my past.

    Jamie from Surrey

About Sloan Sheridan-Williams