To find out about more about what Sloan can offer you as an individual and how she can take you to the next level in everything from your career to your relationships click here and learn more about Sloan and her most popular coaching package –The Sloan SECRET.  It takes you from where you are now forward on your journey to where you want to be. It is high impact and you see guaranteed change.


If you wish to know more about Sloan, then you can see her blog here or contact her with a more general enquiry – further contact information can be found her contact page on her blog.

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What She Can Do For The Brand:

  1. Create a Q&A and Press Release for your campaign
  2. Attend campaign events, launches, exhibition events to deliver the message about your brand.
  3. Shadow the CEO, VIP, Politician at the event playing an advisory role and/or giving profiling commentary on how the public/journalists are relating to the campaign.
  4. Talk at speaker events, exhibitions or conferences.
  5. Train CEO’s, VIP’s etc for their own events
  6. Liaise with Journalists/Media (UK and Global) as to the message of the brand.
  7. Work in conjunction with SLOAN! Magazine and social media to promote the message.
  8. Work In-House with your team to increase productivity.

To find out about more about what Sloan can offer your brand click here.

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